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Proposing at Christmas
Days filled with festive sparkle, long winter nights cosied up beside the fire… Proposing at Christmas can be an incredibly romantic time. If you’re planning to pop the question to your loved one, the festive season can be a magical backdrop for your special moment. So, how do you make your proposal truly special? Here are just a few ideas to inspire you…
Under the Stars
Photo Credit: @_caleb_white_

How about watching our star go down with the one you love? Winter offers some spectacular sunsets and there really is something meltingly romantic about watching that orange orb of wonder sink below the horizon together. No mobile phones, no soundtrack, just two people together, watching one of the world’s natural wonders.

If you can take a trip into the countryside and escape the city lights then even better. Wrap up warm, grab a blanket, your engagement ring and your loved one, climb to a hilltop and just be still as the sun goes down.
 The feast of starlight that comes soon after sunset could offer the ideal moment proposing at Christmas!

December is the perfect time for star gazing, not least because you don’t have to wait until the middle of the night to see them but also because the Geminid meteor shower makes an appearance. Don’t tell me that wishing on a shooting star with your new fiancé or fiancée doesn’t feel like magic in motion!

If you want to catch the Geminid shower then time your big moment after dark on the December the 14th and enjoy one of the most prolific meteor showers of the year. Find more information about the Geminid meteor shower here.

Cosy up by the Fire

Inside or outside, a roaring log fire has to be one of the most primal and evocative experiences we can enjoy and it’s the perfect way to slow down and really connect with each other. I don’t think I’ve met someone who doesn’t love a good fire – there’s something about it that makes us relax and just be together, no distractions. So, pour your partner a steaming mug of mulled wine, or a warming hot chocolate, light some candles, put on your soundtrack of choice (Yo Yo Ma playing Bach anyone?) and as the warmth of the fire works its magic, turn to your lover and ask them the eternal question.

Festive feels
etsy: InsideTheCrowsNest

If you and your partner love the little feelgood rituals around Christmas, why not let those set the scene when proposing at Christmas? You could decorate the tree together, and perhaps hand your partner a beautiful bauble inscribed with ‘Will you marry me?’. Or create an engagement Christmas stocking full of thoughtful memorabilia that celebrate your relationship – a pebble from your partner’s favourite beach, a poem, a photograph – and tucked away at the end of the stocking, an engagement ring from our wonderful collection. Enlist the help of a Christmas choir to sing your lover’s favourite song as you get down on one knee, or get really traditional and pop the question under the mistletoe. Proposing at Christmas can be incredibly romantic in so many ways!

These are just a few ideas that take nothing but time and a little care. I wonder, what would make the ultimate Christmas proposal for you?