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Every ring tells a story
If you’ve already got a good idea of what you want then do contact us and we can start making your dreams a reality. If you need a little more help to get the creative juices flowing, then read on…
Designing your eco wood ring

You have a unique opportunity when you choose a custom eco wood ring to create something truly meaningful. Limited only by your creativity, the possibilities are almost endless. Your ring can tell a story, capture a moment in time and be a beautiful reflection of what really matters to you. Lovingly made, a custom wood ring is the thoughtful choice whilst being both affordable and ethical.

Designing your ring is a simple process once you’ve identified the materials and design features you’d like included, so your first job is to get inspired. Start by taking a look at our gallery. This is by no means an exhaustive range of options and we’d love you to challenge us with new ideas for your design.

You can also check out our Pinterest board and Instagram feed for ideas and to see what like minded folks have created.

Would you like your wood ring to tell a story?

Most of our customers use their wooden rings as an opportunity to tell their unique story. You can add in materials from special places or treasured possessions. A childhood swing, a trophy skate-board, shells from that beach. You can go as wild and wacky as you like and we love hearing your stories.

The options are literally unlimited, providing an opportunity for your ring/s to be an enduring memento of your life together. Of course, if the important thing for you is the aesthetic of the ring or significance of the materials rather their provenance, then we have a lovely range of woods and inlay materials to choose from too.

The Wood
Examples of sustainable woods used at Eco Wood Rings.

We have a beautiful selection of woods available. Maybe you like the look of oak or walnut, perhaps you have a special piece in mind? Whatever feels right, we will do our very best to work with it.

For bentwood rings (rings made entirely from wood, possibly with inlays of stone, metal or another wood) we need a piece measuring a minimum of 30cm x 5cm x 5cm (going with the grain) with no splits, knots or other gnarly features! If it’s a round log then it should be at least 30cm long with a diameter of at least 12cm.

For metal rings with wood inlays, the wood ideally needs to be a minimum of 8cm x 8cm x 8cm, or if it’s a round log then 8cm long with a minimum diameter of 10cm. If you have a piece of wood which is smaller than these measurements then please do still get in touch and send us a photo of the ring, as we have some fairly creative ways of incorporating all types and sizes of materials into the designs.

The Metal
Metals sown here are a 9ct white gold band with customer provided gold for the linear inlay and mountain ridge.

For metal rings with wood inlays, you’ll need to decide on which metal you’d like the ring to be made from. We offer the following options:

  • Titanium – When matt this metal has a grey colour to it, which becomes brighter when polished. It is both very strong and lightweight, and is by far the most popular metal for customers looking for the best compromise between price and strength.

  • White Gold – 9ct is similar in colour to silver, whereas 18ct is a light grey colour when matt or a deep silver colour when polished. As the gold isn’t rhodium plated it keeps its original colour.

  • Yellow Gold – 9ct has a sandy colour and is less yellow than 18ct, which has a brighter more buttery colour.

  • Rose Gold – 9ct has a greater amount of copper in it, and so is a deeper red colour than 18ct is a more delicate pinkish colour.

  • Palladium – This beautiful white metal is as strong as platinum but much lighter. It is therefore a very popular metal for customers seeking a strong white metal ring at a lower price point that platinum.

  • Platinum – Brighter even than 18ct white gold, platinum is the heaviest, most precious metal that we offer rings from.
The Inlay Material
A wonderful example of a combination of materials inlaid in a Cornish elm bentwood ring. We have used tin, sand & copper to create this look.

For bentwood rings (rings made entirely from wood) you can include an inlay of materials such as crushed stones, metal shavings, sand, shells and well, you name it, we reckon we could inlay it to be honest! Inlays can either be centred or off-centre and anything from 0.5 to 8mm wide.

For metal rings with wood inlays the only material that can be inlaid into the ring is wood. This can either be centred or off-centre - there just needs to be a minimum of 1mm of metal on each outside edge of the ring.

The Liner
Beech with a titinium liner and a flint, moonstone, malachite and gold shavings inlay.

Including a liner on the inside of a bentwood ring which contrasts nicely with the wood you’re using for the main band is a great way to add another lovely design feature to your wood ring. 

A lovely example of a woodburned inscription.

For bentwood rings we offer a woodburning inscription service. It could be the date you met, a name, perhaps even the coordinates of the place you’re planning to propose. It’s a lovely way to personalise your ring and again the options are endless. The best woods for this purpose are cherry wood, maple and walnut, as the grain of the wood facilitates the best looking inscription.

A wonderful example of a personal inscription engraved in a soft, flat edged matt titanium ring. This ring has been made to order with two inlays of whiskey barrel oak and one of customer provided crushed bumblebee jasper.

For metal rings with wood inlays we offer a milled engraving service for which a wide variety of fonts are available. If you’d like to include symbols or characters from another language then they can be engraved by laser too (additional charges apply – please contact us).

A perfect example of both techniques, seen here side by side.
For more details of our inscription service, see our feature on Personalising your Perfect Piece of Jewellery.
Stones in settings
A stunning example of a 9ct yellow gold ring with whiskey oak & a contrasting emerald.

We can include a wide range of gemstones in settings in both bentwood rings and metal rings with wood inlays (except titanium). You’ll see some examples in our gallery, but if you’d like to enquire about any stone in particular then please do contact us.

Another example shows multiple moissanite stones set in a 9ct white gold band with a mohogany inlay.
The Width
Examples of different widths of rings and inlays.

Both the bentwood rings and metal rings with wood inlays can be made in any width from 3mm to 10mm. The most popular widths for women are 3-4mm and for men they’re 5-7mm, but obviously it all comes down to personal preference.

The Size
Large and small. These matching titanium rings with rosewood, turquoise & volcanic sand are shown here in 8mm and 5mm widths made as UK sizes O and J 1/2.

To establish your ring size, we'd either recommend visiting  a local jeweller (and ideally trying on a ring in the same size and width as you intend to order, not just basing it on narrow sizing rings), or for UK-based customers, ordering one of our loan ring sizing kits. If the ring is for a surprise proposal, then you'll find plenty of ideas and inspiration on how to propose without knowing the ring size here.

Hopefully by now you’ve got an idea of what you’d like your wood ring or rings to look like. The next thing to do is to complete an Online Enquiry Form, so that we can help you develop your design and provide you with a quote. 

If we’ve not covered all of your questions here, please do also take a peek at our frequently asked questions.

Thank you for choosing Eco Wood Rings - we can’t wait to see what design you create.