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Beer Cask Wood Ring - Eco Wood Ring Story
Helping couples capture memories that they can wear for a lifetime is what we do best at Ecowoodrings and every project is an absolute pleasure. For his wedding ring Matt chose a titanium band of his own design and describes why it meant so much to him. “I chose a piece of beer cask wood from Hook Norton Brewery for my inlay. I wanted to use something that meant something to me personally, as well as showing a bit of my own personality and interests through it. My mother's Grandad used to work at the Hook Norton Brewery (there is even a picture of him on one of their recent promotional beer mats) ... Read more.
Slow Down and Savour
There is so much vying for our time and attention in the festive season things can get just a little hectic don’t you think? So we thought we’d offer a little escape from the throngs of shoppers and the pre Christmas hustle. Here are a few suggestions for those of you who might be craving time away and want to carve out some time for a little romance, a little Hygge and an appreciation for what the winter season can offer. Left photograph by Alisa Anton
An Alpine Love Story...
Sometimes a proposal is a beautiful spur of the moment thing. The perfect setting, the perfect partner, the stars align, everything is in place except the little matter of the engagement ring. What can you do? This was the dilemma one of our lovely customers recently found himself in whilst on holiday with his then girlfriend in the Alps. He decided to spontaneously propose whilst out on a walk in the hills with nothing to hand but the flowers of the field. Well there was nothing else for it, this enchanted and creative groom-to-be fashioned a near perfect engagement ring from …an Alpine Bluebell.
How to stay true to what's really important on your wedding day.
Before you start looking at anything online, ask yourself this…If you could wave a magic wand and have anything happen on your day what would it be? Figures from the close of the 2016 wedding season put the average cost of the UK wedding at £27,000 and that rises to £38,000 in London. Website Bridebook looked at 20,000 UK weddings and found 4% of those held in the south-east of England cost more than £100,000. With price tags like these, it seems the popularity of social media is creating an ever increasing pressure to put on picture perfect weddings worthy of pinterest and instagram feeds worldwide...