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Connections Encapsulated
Emma and Rick's wedding rings might look different at first glance, but they do in fact share many connections, all with particular significance to them and their story thus far.

Emma's ring includes wood from the front door of their first house together along with threads from the thread ring that Rick used to propose with. Rick's ring includes some hairs from their dog Fenn, who played a key part during the wedding, arriving with the bridesmaids and carrying and distributing the confetti for the guests. She actually remained on best behaviour for the entire day, much to the surprise of many, perhaps it was the sense of occasion! As well as all these sentimental inclusions that are unique to each ring, both rings include the same wood liner to pair them together, as well as sand from Staunton Sands, where they have spent many sunny days surfing during their years together.

The Proposal

On the day of the proposal, Rick woke Emma early in the morning with breakfast in bed and a handmade thread ring - her answer was most certainly yes!! He had arranged to meet Steve later that day to start the process of designing their wood rings together. 

The Wedding

Their rings were the first element that Emma and Rick planned for their special day. They were after a relaxed day filled with fun and laughter. A lot of the features of the day were made by the couple themselves with the help of their friends and family. Having so many people involved in the build up to their wedding was just as important as the day itself.

Photo Credit - Caroline-Alexander Photography. Visit the link to her website to witness her talent capturing Emma & Rick's wedding day.